Br. Roshan Anthonypillai

Br. Roshan Anthonypillai, OFM Cap.

Hometown: "I was born in Negambo, Sri Lanka during the war.  I migrated to the Middle East and then to Canada." 

Before Becoming a Friar:  "I was a contractor to the US Federal Government."

Why I'm a Capuchin: "During the war in Sri Lanka we fled from our cities because we were minorities.  At the same time, we were welcomed by the missionaries in the minority controlled area.  The missionaries gave hope and meaning to our lives while our homeland was being torn apart by the brutal civil war.  In a country where the majority were Buddhists and minority Hindus, many Hindus and Buddhists annually flocked to St. Anthony’s Church on June 13.  While I was working for the Federal government, it was my Catholic Young Adult group in DC which helped me discern my vocation. I am grateful to them."