Br. Reynaldo Frias

Br. Reynaldo Frías S., OFM Cap.

Hometown:    San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic


Before Becoming a Friar:  "Before I entered Capuchin life I earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Master et Magistra University in the Dominican Republic and the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan.  During those years and after receiving my MA in Information Technology and Library Science I designed and implemented a program to teach senior citizens how to use computers to help them obtain jobs and gain the advantages of having internet access.  I also worked as a professional librarian both in Puerto Rico and in Washington DC where I became acquainted with the Capuchins."

Why I'm a Capuchin:  "What first made me think about joining the Capuchins myself was the kindness of a friar in Puerto Rico who, knowing I was distant from my family, invited me to share a Thanksgiving meal.  As I continued to keep in touch with this friend, Br Elmig, I began to see many elements in Capuchin life which I admired.  Some of the most important of these are helping the poor, the fulfilling experience of community prayer, and enjoying the companionship of men who are enthusiastic about their faith and the spirituality of St Francis of Assisi."